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Taking into account the nature of the event, the facilities of the venue, and the needs of the performers, we provide professional sound for every event.


By using innovative presentation tools and visual enhancement elements, we can achieve a unique, special display - whether the goal is to support any performance or visual program.


Our professionally maintained lighting equipment park consists of high-quality lights, effects & controls in line with the latest trends, and can fully serve the needs of events, concerts, shows.


With the help of our equipment park consisting of regularly checked modular stage systems, aluminum bridge elements and covers, which comply with safety regulations.


We can build any unique installation according to the special needs of the event.


One of the indispensable accessories of the events is the communication technology, with which we ensure a problem-free, preliminary connection between the organizers, technicians and stage managers.

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I would like to thank you for all the hard work and attitude you have provided. I honestly think that over time we have been able to develop a working relationship that has become exemplary. Thank you for all the energy you put into making this wonderful day possible. Throughout, I found that you were partners in all our requests, and it is also thanks to you that the event was realized to everyone's satisfaction.

I don't even know how to start, I want to express my gratitude somehow, I thought a lot about the way, then I realized that I don't need to push this too far, because I don't have a chance to thank you for the help with a letter, I'm just trying to express a MILLION THANKS AND GRATITUDE!
Everything went very well, everyone was happy, thank you very much for everything.

What I would like to emphasize about this work is the perfect TEAMWORK. Since I was a part of the construction, rehearsal and the main event itself for 3 days, I can write my opinion firsthand. There were no companies and subcontractors here, there was no bright, loud, visual separate. But it was really a regular brigade where everyone helped each other when they needed it. I can say without exaggeration that even when the team was on their feet 16-18 hours a day, the work was still a joy, with lots of laughter.

Yesterday, at the end of the event, we, the organizing team, were also called to the stage, and the entire audience applauded. This applause was also addressed to you, since you were needed in order for this to be realized at such an amazing level. All this while most of us had never met and worked with this team or with each other before in our lives, and we had 1 month to do it all. We ran into many difficulties, but we solved them together and it was really incredible to me what we managed to conjure up. In addition, the customer was also very satisfied, and we couldn't help but receive positive feedback on the spot. So we thank you very much for the superhuman performance of the past month, the effort, support, professionalism, last-minute solutions, flexibility, perseverance, and the mental and physical strength that we often needed. Please forward our thanks to all team members.

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